英语介绍信范文带翻译篇一 Hello,everyone! i ** 20xx university graduates social sports session, performance excellence, sports and basic skills down. university branch secretary for four years as class groups responsible, enterprising, hard working, h
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英语介绍信范文带翻译篇一  Hello,everyone!  i ** 20xx university graduates social sports session, performance excellence, sports and basic skills down. university branch secretary for four years as class groups responsible, enterprising, hard working, high moral character, serious and responsible work. won a scholarship every year, excellent student title, and received outstanding graduates, outstanding intern, outstanding league cadres, party members.  in all respects strict demands on themselves, thinking motivated, study hard, work for, simple life. four years of rigorous practice to make me a good university graduates. strong self-learning ability, to overcome problems; with solid professional skills and strong theoretical basis  calm; has a strong ability to identify and deal with non-; have strong organizational skills and social adaptability.  certificates: national computer level, certificate iii in english; the national putonghua 2 b certificates; school poetry recitation contest first prize.  thank you!  译文:  大家好!  我** 20xx年大学毕业生社会体育会议,性能卓越,体育基本技能了。大学分公司四年来担任班级负责人、事业心强、工作努力、品德高尚、工作认真负责。每年获得奖学金,优秀学生称号,并获得优秀毕业生、优秀实习生、优秀团干部、党员干部。  在各方面都严格要求自己,思维动力,努力学习,工作简单,生活简单。四年的严格实践,使我成为一个优秀的大学毕业生。有较强的自学能力,克服问题的能力;具有扎实的专业技能和较强的理论基础  具有较强的识别和处理能力,具有较强的组织能力和社会适应能力。  证书:国家计算机级,证书三级英语;国家普通话2级证书;学校诗歌朗诵比赛一等奖。  谢谢!  英语介绍信范文带翻译篇二  Goodmorning / afternoon, my dear teachers  my nameis wu yixuan. i am 11 years old, and i am a fifth grade student.  i have many hobbies. i like drawing and i can drawvery well, which get a lot of praise from my teachers and friends. i likesports, such as dancing, skating, biking and playing badminton. i often play badmintonwith my sisters and we have a great fun together. i love music, especially thepop music, which makes me feel relax. i love english, too. i hope i can travelall over the world one day.  i have manyfriends. i often study and play with ke jingqi and zhu si huai. sometimes, wego to bookstore or supermarket together. we are so happy when we are together. ilove my friends and they love me, too.  thatsall! thank you for your attention.  译文:  老师上午好!(下午好)  我叫吴奕萱,我今年11岁,我是小学五年级学生。  我的爱好很多。我喜欢画画,我画的画可捧了,大家都夸我画得好。我喜欢体育运动,如跳舞、溜冰、骑自行车、打羽毛球。我经常和姐姐们一起打羽毛球,我们都非常开心。我喜欢音乐,尤其是流行音乐,它让我觉得很放松。我喜欢英语,我希望有一天我能到世界各地去旅游。  我有很多朋友。我经常和柯婧琪、祝思怀她们一起学习、玩耍。我们还一起逛书店、逛超市,我们在一起非常开心。我爱我的朋友们,她们也爱我!  我的演讲完毕,谢谢大家!  英语介绍信范文带翻译篇三  Good morning, my name is pan 22 years old, born in province. it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview, i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today! now i will introduce myself briefly by three aspects: strength; weakness and achievements!  strength: i feel that my strongest asset is my ability to stick to things to get them done. i feel a real sense of accomplishment when i finish a job and it turns out just as id planned. ive set some high goals for myself. for example, i want to graduate with highest scores. and at last, i become one of the outstanding graduates in university after a lot of study. besides, i am good at building mathematical models and analyzing questions with economic methods.  weakness: im such a perfectionist that i will not stop until a job is well done.  achievements: i had acquired the first prize by designing models on mathematical modeling in 20xx; besides, i had help my teachers to analyze the warrant pricing by varieties methods.  im convinced that i can go farther and make greater contribution for my country by careful process of learning, please give me this chance to study in this great university---university! i promise, i will use my whole ability to improve myself and get the primary accomplishment in my major and do a useful man for our school!  personally, for todays china, the foundation of the development of economic is the advancement of transportation equipment. thats to say, we should do our best to make contribution to improve our transportation equipment to ensure the development of economic. only when our transportation equipment is great enough, our economic can get big achievement.  译文:  早上好,我的名字是潘22岁,出生在省。很荣幸能有这个机会接受采访,我想回答你所提出的任何问题,我希望我今天能表现得很好!现在,我将简要介绍一下自己的三个方面:力量,弱点和成就!  力量:我觉得我的资产是我坚持把事情做好的能力。当我完成一项工作时,我感觉到了一种真正的成就感,而这正是我所计划的。我给自己定了一些高目标。例如,我想以高分毕业。最后,我成为一个在大学优秀毕业生,很多研究后。另外,我善于用经济手段建立数学模型,分析问题。  缺点:我是一个完美主义者,我将不会停止,直到工作是做得很好。  成就:我曾在20xx年数学建模模型设计获得一等奖;此外,我帮助我的老师采用不同方法分析权证定价。  我相信我可以走的更远,使我国的学习仔细的过程中作出更大的贡献,请给我这个机会在这个伟大的大学---大学研究!我保证,我将用我的全部能力来提高自己,并在我的主要成就,并为我们学校做一个有用的人!  就今天的中国而言,经济发展的基础是交通运输设备的进步。也就是说,我们应该尽我们的努力,为改善我们的运输设备,确保经济的发展做出贡献。只有当我们的运输设备足够大的时候,我们的经济才能取得巨大的成就。art-foot-relate">推荐阅读:英语朋友介绍信英语介绍信范文兼翻译英语介绍信格式英语介绍信写作及范文英语介绍信【5篇】经典介绍信英语作文 转载请注明来源。原文地址:http://www.lw54.com/20200720/8360205.html   


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